Organic and sustainably grown grain products for Artisans who desire, appreciate and demand superiority in their ingredients. Wholegrain Milling is synonymous with unparalleled quality and wholesome integrity.

Our Philosophy

Wholegrain Milling hard grain products come from those enlightened growers who farm with the old chemical-free methods of gentle soil aeration, co-cultivation and crop rotation. We are the millers who start up custom-built, old fashioned, yet modern stone mills, to protect the nutritive, textured and flavoursome qualities of the grain. We strive to bring the most exquisite ingredients to you, our customers, who are the vital link that allows these ancient methods to develop and prosper. It is you who would bake on the hearth of your wood-fired ovens to create tantalising, full-flavoured nutrient-dense breads in that slow, time-honoured artisanal way that would extract the very essence of Mother Nature.

Whether a technician or an artisan, those who look to Wholegrain Milling come because they know… they know they can trust the integrity of our grains… they know that they can be assured of the very best milling practices… they know that they will get only the highest quality ingredients, created by highly experienced technicians who share a passion for production and practices of the highest quality, created with integrity, and passed on with an unequalled satisfaction guarantee.

Wholegrain Milling has become synonymous with quality and integrity, and we are a preferred supplier of Organic and Sustainably Grown products to some of the largest, most respected Bakeries and Wholesalers in the industry.

We have also developed a large range of smaller packaged, boutique-style Certified Organic grains, dried fruits, beans and other products, created and distributed through our Demeter Farm Mill division. It all started with an idea… a certain dedication to want to know, choose and commit to health, wellbeing, flavour and best practice.