Organic and sustainably grown grain products for Artisans who desire, appreciate and demand superiority in their ingredients. Wholegrain Milling is synonymous with unparalleled quality and wholesome integrity.


The Wholegrain Milling Stone Mill was designed and built by us, using imported European millstones, and has been specifically designed just for Wholegrain Milling, to ensure the infinite product quality that our customers have come to expect.

The stone mill allows the highest nutrient content of the grain, including the germ, bran and endosperm of the wholegrain, along with its nutritional values, to be retained and distributed evenly throughout the stone-milled flour. Stone milling ensures the quality, taste and nutritional integrity of wholegrain flour, as it integrates all parts of the wheat into the product, allowing the flour to retain more flavour. The cooler temperatures that occur during stone milling allows essential enzyme activity to continue, and high protein levels to be maintained.

The vitamin-rich germ oil is released into the flour, colouring and flavouring it slightly. It is the germ that is retained during the stone milling process that produces the characteristic “nutty”, genuine flavour and aroma which are unmistakable, and highly sought after.

Wholegrain Milling stone milling produces flour with the taste, texture and integrity that only a stone miller with the traditional, time-honoured skills of a true artisan can produce. Stone-milled products are suitable for all baking needs, including pastas, cakes and biscuits, and especially artisan breads. Our stonemilled wholemeal flours are as close to truly wholemeal, because of the way they are milled.

Roller Milled

Wholegrain Milling is a sophisticated modern plant that also utilises the Roller Milling, which is specifically used to produce our Premium Range of Products. The roller mill creates a more refined ‘white’ flour that enables the bran and germ to be separated, leaving the endosperm portion of the kernel, which is about 80% of the volume, and is desirable as it produces a white flour that is often consider to have a milder flavour, smoother texture.