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Roller Milled

Wholegrain Milling's sophisticated modern plant utilises a Roller Mill, which is specifically used to produce our Premium Range of flavours.

The roller mill creates a more refined 'white' flour that enables the bran and germ to be separated, leaving the endosperm portion of the kernel, which is about 80% of the volume, and is desirable as it produces a white flour that is often considered to have a milder flavour, smoother texture.

Roller milling is specifically designed to very efficiently extract as much white flour as possible from each grain, producing a very high volume, which is highly desirable, especially in the case of bread making. This form of milling produces everything from white flour to semolina, pollard and bran. The flours produced from the roller mill will be very consistent.

Roller-milled flours and grain products have an almost unlimited potential for use throughout all baking needs.