Helping more bakers create products they believe in. 


Our new distribution arrangement with MAURI allows more bakers and bread lovers to use our sustainable and organically-farmed flours in their creations. And deliver a product they passionately believe in. 

For over 40 years, Wholegrain Milling Co. has been providing Australia’s leading bakers and wholesalers with locally-grown, certified organic, sustainable and chemical-free flour.

Our new distribution arrangement with MAURI allows us to extend the availability of our finest quality flour to bakers and bread lovers across Australia. It also allows us to extend the level of service and support we provide to our valued customers.

At Wholegrain Milling Co. we know that our customers use our flours because they are planted, harvested, milled and distributed using sustainable methods – from the paddock to the bakery.

The authenticity of our sustainable business model allows all of our customers to build credibility into their own baked products. And we know this is important because every artisanal baker has their own unique vision or mission for their produce.

For some its all about chemical free, organic and sustainable products and the benefits for their customers. Others are passionate about the nutrional value our products deliver. Many just want it all – chemical free, less strain on the environment, higher nutrition, and the best flour that can be sourced.

Whatever your personal mission for your business, our new distribution arrangement with MAURI allows us to extend the availability of our sustainable and organically-farmed flour to allow bakers to confidently create produce they can believe in.

We hope you enjoy the convenience and efficiencies this new distribution arrangement delivers. We’re always eager to meet the needs of all our customers, so you can continue to deliver a product you really believe in.