Love and trust. Our two most essential ingredients.

Authentic, nutrient dense and responsibly grown artisan and speciality flours made by people who care.


Chemical free, stone milled flour that's good for Australians and Australia.

On our forty-year journey from a humble kitchen table in Gunnedah to becoming one of Australia’s largest, most trusted sources of wholesome, responsibly grown flours, Wholegrain Milling Co. hasn’t changed much.

We remain independent, family owned and run. We only use grains grown by farmers who care for the long-term health of the land, and we grind them using traditional stone milling techniques. Creating consistent quality, tasty, nutrient dense flours.

We now supply our flour to thousands of bakers, distributors and health focused retailers Australia wide. All that’s changed since 1978 is many more people love wholesome bakery staples as much as we do!

Our story



Our certified sustainable flours promote long-term soil health and biodiversity through regenerative farming practices.



Our organic flours are only sourced from certified organic farmers who encourage ecological balance and never use chemicals or pesticides.

We’re one of the few Australian mills with multiple certifications. All our flours comply with the highest international certification standards.

From sourcing to milling, we’re committed to creating wholesome, chemical free flour for Australia's bakers and bread lovers.

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Wholegrain Milling mill stone

Our mill

Our mill is right here in our home in Gunnedah, NSW. We’ve run it with a passion for quality for over 40 years. Basically, we love making great flour.

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Our story

We’re passionate about sourcing, milling and supplying. Pioneering Australia’s best organic and sustainable flours. Always looking to improve our methods to help our customers and the land we all depend on.