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For over 40 years, Wholegrain Milling Co., lead by the Neale family, have provided Australia’s leading bakers and wholesalers with the very best, locally grown certified organic, sustainable and chemical-free grains and flours.

Sourced from Australia’s eastern states, our grains are planted and harvested by farmers who care about the long-term health of the soil. On reaching us, these grains are then ground using our stone or roller mills to create the finest quality flours for bread lovers everywhere.

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Our certified sustainable range of flours promotes the improvement of long-term soil health and encourages biodiversity in regenerative farming practices.



For our organic range of flours, we only source grains from certified organic farmers whose practices encourage ecological balance and who never use chemicals or chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Wholegrain Milling Co. is one of the very few mills in Australia with multiple certifications, and its organic and sustainable grain products are guaranteed to comply with the highest international standards of certification.

From our sourcing through to our milling, we’re committed to delivering flavoursome, chemical free flour into the hands of bakers and bread lovers.

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Wholegrain Milling mill stone

Our mill

For over 40 years, we’ve milled some of this country’s most exceptional sustainable and organic grains, right here in our home in Gunnedah, NSW.

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Our story

We’re passionate growers, farmers and millers pioneering Australia’s best organic and sustainable flours.