Our mill

Sourcing and transportation

Sourcing and delivering premium locally grown and chemical-free grains to our mill is our highest priority. Our chemical-free mission is only made possible through our respected network of farmers and the integrity of the trucks that transport the grain. We only accept transport direct from harvest by carriers that follow our stringent practices, giving us a 100% guarantee that the grain that leaves the farm is free from synthetic fertilisers and other harmful chemicals commonly found in unregulated storage and transportation.


Stone-ground milling

We have pioneered stone milling in Australia for over 40 years, perfecting our process through our very own custom-designed and custom-built mill stone and machinery. Our process delivers an unparalleled quality of flour that is bursting with flavour and rich in nutrients. Essentially, the process allows for the grain to pass through the mill slowly and at cooler temperatures to preserve the precious essential enzymes and nutrients retained in the wholegrain, perfect for all your baking needs.


Roller milling

Our modern plant features a roller mill, specifically designed to produce premium flours at greater volumes. This process ensures that our flours are of a consistently high quality, smooth in texture, and have a more subtle flavour. We produce a range of quality sustainable and organic flours that are ideal for all your baking needs.


Chemical free storage

At Wholegrain Milling, we have an uncompromising commitment to delivering chemical-free flour to bakers and wholesalers. We use ventilation and airflow in our 100 grain silos to store our diverse range of precious grains. This chemical-free method delivers the grain to our mill in the same state it left our respected farms – pure, and as nature intended.


Journey of our grain

Respecting the soil

Our grains are grown in soil that’s nurtured by ethically minded farmers who care about the health of the land for future generations.

Grains of superior quality

Certified organic and sustainable, our grains have the highest nutritional quality and flavour and are sourced from passionate farmers with uncompromising standards.

Milled with integrity

On reaching Wholegrain Milling, grains are stone ground or roller milled to create the finest quality Australian flours.

Embraced by artisan bakers

We’re trusted to provide superior organic and sustainable flours to Australia’s most respected artisan bakeries and wholesalers.

Nourishing bread for all

Together with the country’s best bakers, we’re bringing healthy, nutritious bread made from organic and sustainable grains and flours to homes across Australia.