Our mill


Sourcing and transportation

Sourcing and delivering premium locally grown, chemical-free grains to our mill is our highest priority. This is made possible by our long-term relationship with our farmers and the integrity of the truckers that transport the grain. We transport direct from harvest using trusted carriers following stringent practices. Creating a 100% guarantee the grain we mill is free of synthetic fertilisers and the harmful chemicals often found in unregulated storage and transport.


Stone-ground milling

We’ve pioneered stone milling in Australia since 1978. Perfecting our process with our own custom-designed mill stones and associated machinery.

Our process means the grain passes through the mill slowly, at cooler temperatures. This preserves essential enzymes and nutrients. Retaining these in the wholegrain results in the highest quality flour – bursting with flavour, rich in nutrients, perfect for all styles of baking.


Roller milling

Our plant features a roller mill, specifically designed to produce premium flours at greater volumes. This ensures our products are consistently high quality, smooth in texture, with a more subtle flavour.


Chemical free storage

Our commitment to delivering chemical-free flour to bakers and wholesalers is uncompromising. Chemical-free ventilation and airflow in our grain silos ensures our grain remains in the same state it left the farms – pure and unadulterated.


Journey of our grain

Respecting the soil

Our grains are grown in soil nurtured by ethically minded farmers who maintain the health of the land for the generations to come.

Grains of superior quality

Certified organic and sustainable, our grains offer the highest nutritional quality and flavour. All sourced from farmers with uncompromising ethics and standards.

Milled with integrity

The grains we use are stone ground or roller milled to create the finest quality Australian flours.

Embraced by artisan bakers

We’re trusted to provide quality organic and stainable flours to Australia’s most respected artisan bakeries and wholesalers.

Nourishing bread for all

Together with the country’s best bakers, we’re bringing healthy, nutritious bread made from organic and responsibly sourced grains and flours to family’s across Australia.