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Our story is down-to-earth. It’s about cherishing the land, a love of tastier, healthier bakery products and a desire to build lasting relationships with our growers and customers. It’s a story that continues to pioneer new ideas born of proven old ways.

Wholegrain Milling Co. began with Wendy and Harry Neale using a small bench-mounted stone mill to grind organic flours on their family kitchen table in Gunnedah, NSW,

That was back in 1978, and over four decades our business has grown into one of the largest suppliers of chemical-free, organic and ancient grain flours in Australia.

Today, we have now built a state-of-the-art modern mill that uses seven custom-built traditional stone mills and a specially designed roller. This draws on a huge variety of grains from over 100 onsite storage silos, much of the wheat now coming from our own land.

The humble bench mounted stone mill first used by Wendy and Harry remains in occasional use, testimony to our unchanging ethos. Just as Wholegrain Milling Co. has flourished from one generation to the next, we believe the land that grows our grains must be nurtured and nourished for those who follow us. And we’re proud our flours have played a major role in making healthier, tastier artisan breads and other bakery essentials, a regular part of Australian family life.

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Our history


Wholegrain Milling Co. is founded

Wendy and Harry Neale start stone-grinding organic flours with a small bench-mounted stone mill at their kitchen table. They founded Wholegrain Milling Co. with the belief that organic grains will provide a better foundation for a healthy diet and life.



Wholegrain Milling attains organic certification and is the first flour mill in Australia to be certified organic.


Just seven customers but a name for quality and trust

In its first sixteen years the Wholegrain Milling Co. grew slowly but surely. There was still only limited low demand for organic flour, but our customers knew they could always depend on the quality of our product.


Craig Neale takes the reins

With demand for organic food starting to grow, Craig Neale took the reins of the business with a vision to bring organic flour to hundreds of bakers around Australia.


Our own purpose-built mill

Craig’s vision became a reality and we expand into a purpose-built stone milling facility on Borthistle Road, Gunnedah.


Roller Mill added to meet demand

We designed and built our own roller mill to meet growing demand for healthier flour.


Neale's Certified Organic Farm

Our own family farm in western NSW is certified Organic.


We set the Certified Sustainable standard

Wholegrain Milling Co. led the creation of the Australian Sustainable Products Certified Standard. This innovative, traceable, chemical-free food system is an essential tool for producers and consumers and extends the Australia Certified system.


Heritage flours reintroduced

The reintroduction of heritage wheat varieties creates a new range of flours with superior flavour and baking properties.

Wholegrain Milling Nick

Our grains are traceable back to the
farm from which they were grown.


Our organic and sustainable flours help Australia’s bakers bring healthier, more nutritious bread to the family table.


We source and supply quality chemical free, organic, ancient and responsibly sourced grains and flours to bakers and retailers across Australia and beyond.

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