Organic and sustainably grown grain products for Artisans who desire, appreciate and demand superiority in their ingredients. Wholegrain Milling is synonymous with unparalleled quality and wholesome integrity.

Wholegrain Milling Co.

Welcome to the Wholegrain Milling Co. where we create organic and sustainably grown grain products that will satisfy every need, and are unparalleled for quality and wholesome integrity; products for people who desire, appreciate and demand superiority in their grain-based ingredients.

Wholegrain Milling is a family-owned business, that for over 30 years has specialised in the production of a wide range of superior organic flours and grain products, from grain that is grown, stored and milled with no chemical residue, using state-of-the-art Stone Mill and Roller Mill technologies, by highly skilled and experienced milling technicians.

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The Wholegrain Milling Stone Mill was designed and built by us, using improved European millstones, and has been specifically designed just for Wholegrain Milling, to ensure the infinite product quality that our customers have come to expect. The stone mill allows the highest nutrient content of the grain, including the germ, bran and endosperm of the wholegrain, along with its nutritional l values.

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Roller Milled

Wholegrain Milling is a sophisticated modern plant that also utilises Roller Milling, which is specifically used to produce our Premium Range of Products. The roller mill creates a more refined ‘white’ flour that enables the bran and germ to be separated, leaving the endosperm portion of the kernel, which is about 80% of the volume, and is desirable as it produces a white flour that is often considered to have a milder flavour, and smoother texture.

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I have to say, as #thespeltbaker in Australia Wholegrain Milling have THE BEST organic spelt flour and rolled spelt in Australia. I love this Company - Recipegeek

keep up the great work guys and a special thanks to Jade for helping us on our sourdough journey, fantastic flours look forward to visiting one day - John and Kath

Thanks a lot guys! On behalf of the Honey thief team we would like to thank you for providing the best quality flour . When you make something with just flour, water and salt each ingredient is paramount - Honey thief Bakery

Organic and NOW Sustainable