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Welcome to Wholegrain Milling


We create the organic product that will provide you something above the rest!

With experienced staff and our state of the art Stone Mill and Roller Mill, not only is our product superior, we can produce a wide range of flours and products to satisfy your every need.

Wholegrain Milling Company is a family owned business that for 30 years has specialised in producing the highest quality Organic products from grain that is grown, stored and milled without the use of any chemicals.

We supply our Organic products to a large range of Bakeries and Wholesalers. We also have a large range of smaller packaged Certified Organic products produced and sold through our Demeter Farm Mill division.


We specialize in creating the perfect balance of extracting just enough of the bran and germ to make a great baking flour that is also highly nutritious!



Wholegrain Milling Stone Mill has been specifically designed and hand made for Wholegrain Milling.

The stone mill allows the germ, bran and endosperm of the wholegrain - along with the vitamins and minerals -to be retained and distributed evenly throughout the stone-milled flour. The vitamin-rich germ oil is released into the flour, colouring and flavoring it slightly. It is the germ that is retained during the stone milling process which produces the characteristic "nutty" real flavour in and the aroma which is unmistakable.

Stone-milling produces flour with the texture that only a stone-miller with the traditional, time-honored skills of a true artisan can produce.



Wholegrain Milling Roller Mill is a sophisticated modern mill that produces our Premium Range.

The roller mill creates a more refined 'white' flour that enables the bran and germ to be separated leaving the endosperm portion of the kernel. This makes up about 80% of the volume and is desirable as it produces a white flour that is often considered to have milder flavor, smoother texture, and, in the case of bread, greater volume.